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Iracore International, Inc.
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Iracore International Inc. services the trucking and transportation industries with custom-made products. The company developed a molded rubber air bag used for truck air ride systems. This product is used on trucks that transport delicate and sensitive equipment, which require a maximum reduction...
Group: Rubber pneumatic mattresses and pillows
Molded rubber parts
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TJ Products, a division of Iracore International, has full capabilities of molded rubber up to 84" x 84" capacity. Our press people have over 20 years of experience in molding rubber parts and solving molding problems. The superior abrasion, corrosion, and erosion compound can now be utilized in...
Group: Vulcanite goods
Mill liners
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Iracore International's engineering and design team is continually developing new and creative cost saving solutions to "wear" problems. Using our sophisticated CAD design capabilities, mill parts previously made out of steel can now be custom engineered to take advantage of the benefits offered by...
Group: Armored plates
Hydrotransportation pipe system iracoupling
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Developed a material that resists degradation from high temperatures (180°F to 200°F). Developed a welded end system that is used with an elastomeric liner that allows field welding, installation, and rotation of long lengths of pipe. Improved the pipe joint alignment and eliminated the radial...
Group: Hydraulics pipes
Hydrotransportation pipe system iracore
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Developed a lining material specifically designed for the oil sand industry to improve the wear resistance over other rubber, urethane, chromium carbide overlay, stainless steel and all other miscellaneous wear materials. The wear material is resistant to petroleum degradation. The wear...
Group: Systems pipeline
Launder liners
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Irathane Launder Liners significantly metal liners and other comparable materials with lightweight, easy to install protection. These superior quality launder liners are available to fit virtually any launder or flume configuration including V-shape, half-round, or square-bottom. Custom liners can...
Group: Conveyers facilities
Hydrocyclone liners
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Irathane Systems Replaceable Hydrocyclone Liners Irathane's proprietary urethane has been formulated for longer wear life in both abrasive and caustic environments. Through historical field-testing the Irathane Hydrocyclone Liner has proven its cost effectiveness by several means: Superior...
Group: Hydraulic cyclones
Spray nozzles
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Irathane Systems Polyurethane Spray Nozzles are tough, resilient, high-temperature products that are mostly used in Coal Fired Flue Gas Desulfurization (F.G.D.) Plants. Tough proprietary urethane is virtually unbreakable as compared to traditional ceramic nozzles. Characteristics of Irathane...
Group: Spray nozzles
Dead-bed & wear sleeves
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Irathane patented sleeves protect launders, sumps, distributors and collection boxes by having the material wear on itself instead of on structural surfaces Features of Irathane Sleeves: High—slip surface promotes smooth slurry flow Unsurpassed wear resistance provides excellent protection of...
Group: Protectors for protection against corrosion
Classifier shoes irathane
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Lightweight for fast, trouble—free installations Interchangeable between right— and left-hand screws to reduce inventory In many installations, the service life of Irathane Shoes has exceeded that of metal shoes from 4 to 6 times!
Group: Paddings
Classifier Shoes
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In many installations, the service life of Irathane shoes has exceeded that of metal shoes from four to six times. Irathane Classifier Shoes are replacing alloy shoes in mineral processing, sand and gravel plants, and other slurry related operations. Lightweight Irathane shoes offer greater wear...
Group: Partitions
Pump liners
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Irathane pump parts made with Irathane 2130 compound significantly outlast competitive urethanes in field testing. Installed in slurry pumps in the mineral processing and power generation industries, Irathane 2130 parts have shown 2 to 3 times the wear life of other urethane and rubber...
Group: Bushings


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